Dental Exams & Cleaning

At Grover Dental Care we are diligent about documenting your health history. An important part of successful dental treatment is having an accurate knowledge of our clients overall health. We will ask you if you have any health problems, such as: Do you have any medical conditions we should be aware of, or have you experienced any changes in your general health. Also, we will want to know what medications you may be taking; do you have any fears about going to the dentist; do you experience excessive stress in your life; and do you smoke. All of these issues impact your oral health in one way or another. As you become a part of our dental “family” we appreciate your diligence in supplying this information, so that we can treat you as we would a precious member of our own families.


Our Hygienist will begin by removing the build up of tarter that could cause gum disease. This is a process of removing plaque biofilms which is a byproduct of bacteria, as well as dental tartar known as hard plaque, from the tooth surface above the gumline. If our Hygienist finds build up of plaque below the gumline, a process of smoothing the root surface where bacteria are more dangerous and destructive.

Depending on the depth of pocketing and severity of root surface irregularity the client may be offered either injectable anaesthetics to freeze tooth and gums, or non-injectable product for numbing the gum only.