Dr. Gabriel

Dr. Zaid Gabriel | Since 2016

Hayden St. Location

Dr. Gabriel graduated from University of Manitoba. He is also an international trained dentist who has been practicing dentistry since 2001.

After working as a general practitioner dentist for few years, Dr. Gabriel decided to pursue his dream in post-graduate studies. He first went to Europe and successfully completed his Master’s degree in Health Care Quality Improvement and Leadership Development from University of Helsinki in Finland. He then came back to Canada to complete his Master’s degree in Bioethics from University of Toronto.

Dr. Gabriel is a conservative dentist who believes patients should not have dental pain, should be comfortable during dental visits, and should be free to make informed decisions in regards to their teeth.

Dr. Gabriel has taken many continuous educational courses. He is experienced in Invisalign (invisible braces), teeth extractions, Nitrous Oxide and oral sedation, root canal treatment and cosmetic dentistry. He is a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario Dental Association.

In his leisure time, Dr.Gabriel loves to spend time in out-door activities, especially with his wife and little daughter. He also likes Latin dancing.

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