Dr. Patzalek

Dr. Glen Anthony  Patzalek | Since 2017 | Rebecca  St. Location – Dr. Patzalek is a native Hamiltonian, continuing his father’s practice in Hamilton as a solo practitioner since 1985.

After graduating in 1976 from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto; working in Hamilton as a pharmacist/manager for Big V Pharmacies and serving as an elected member of the council of the Ontario Pharmacist’s Association; he chose to return to the University of Toronto, completing his degree in dentistry in 1985.

Dr. Patzalek is active in pursuing new knowledge to maintain top clinical skills. He believes in minimally invasive, preventive dentistry and educating patients regarding their oral  health.

“Dr Glen” enjoys travelling, beach holidays, snorkeling, cycling and spending family time with his wife, children and grandchildren.