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Fixed Bridges

Fixed Bridges

Dental Implants In Hamilton

Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth. Unlike a dental bridge, implants are permanently secured surgically, into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth.

Implants are an alternative to bridges. They are used to replace missing roots which will then be the support for the tooth replacement.

The artificial “root” is made of titanium metal. It is then placed into the jawbone, after which an artificial tooth is attached. The advantage to having implants is that they are comfortable, do not have the inconvenience of dentures, and look natural in your mouth.

Our Hamilton Dental Implant Specialist can help you restore your smile and self-confidence, and they can even help protect the neighboring natural teeth by improving your chewing function.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

There are different kinds of bridges and dentures: Bridges are usually used when you have healthy teeth that the bridge can be anchored to. As there are several different types of bridges, a consultation with our dentists will help to determine which application is best suits you. Dentures are also designed for your specific need.

They can be partial, full, and even immediate, in that they are ready to be applied immediately after teeth are extracted. There is also an over-denture that can be constructed to cover existing teeth while filling in the gaps left by extracted teeth. Our Hamilton dentists specialized in dental implant procedures will welcome your questions on either of these applications, to determine which the right one for your particular situation is.


Implant Supported Dentures

Depending upon the number of missing teeth and the health of your jawbone, it may be necessary to implant an artificial “root” as an anchor, to secure the bridge in place.

Your Hamilton dentist will take an impression by making a mold of your teeth, from which a custom made bridge will be produced. It is then cemented to healthy teeth, or attached to your dental implants to replace the missing teeth.


Dental Implant Services In Hamilton

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