Periodontal Diseases – Are You At Risk?

March 22, 2022
are you at risk for periodontal disease

People tend to think of periodontal (gum) disease in terms of their teeth, but many don’t realize that gum disease is a serious infection that can release harmful bacteria into the bloodstream. The end result can mean additional health risks for people whose health is already affected by other diseases, or lead to serious complications like heart disease. Recent research has shown that periodontal infection far from being just an oral health problem, may contribute to the development of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and premature, underweight births.

Stress can also affect periodontal disease making the infection more severe and harder to fight.

To see if you or someone in your family might be at risk for periodontal disease, please take the following quiz:

Periodontal Health Questionnaire

1. Do your gums bleed during brushing?YesNo
2. Are your gums red or swollen?YesNo
3. Have your gums pulled away from your teeth?YesNo
4. Do you have persistent bad breath?YesNo
5. Are your teeth loose and or separating? YesNo
6. Do you have any missing teeth?YesNo
7. Are some of your teeth too long, or too short? YesNo
8. Do you smoke or chew tobacco?YesNo
9. Are you under unusual stress?YesNo
10. Did your mother or father lose their teeth?YesNo

If you have any of these conditions or notice any of these symptoms, you should see one of our dentists without delay. If you don’t know the state of your periodontal health, you should ask our dentists for an evaluation. There are often no symptoms of gum disease in its early stages, so people need to make sure their dentist checks their gums regularly.

Many Canadians have oral examinations each year to check for cavities and tooth decay. Emerging research shows it’s equally important to have a periodontal screening and evaluation which can help protect a person’s overall health.

Yours for better dental health,

Dr. Russell Grover