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Meet Dr. Kaldon Kim

Since 2021 | Rymal Road Location

In 2002, Dr. Kim obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Damascus in Damascus, Syria. Upon graduation, he worked in Syria & Saudi Arabia for 14 years before moving back to Canada in 2016.

Since arriving in Canada, Dr. Kim has completed all of the National Dental Examining Boards qualifications & in 2019, he obtained his RCDSO licence to practise in the province of Ontario. Dr. Kim has completed continuing education courses in endodontic (root canal) treatment & extractions. He is also a certified Nitrous Oxide provider. In addition, Dr. Kim is a member of the RCDSO, ODA & CDA.

Dr. Kim’s ideal dental day includes a variety of procedures such as endodontics, surgical extractions & of course, restorative dentistry on all age groups from toddlers to seniors.

Outside of the dental office, Dr. Kim loves walking & cycling with his family.

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