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Dr. Mark was born & raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He received an Honours degree in biology from Dalhousie University. Dr. Mark then attended the University of Western Ontario for his Master’s Degree & attended dental school there as well.

While attending dental school at Western, he was the first-year class president & then was the first dental school student to be elected to the University Senate. Upon graduating in 1984, he began practising in Hamilton.

In 1996 Dr. Mark completed the Esthetic Continuum course at the University of Buffalo to enhance his clinical skills & more recently has become a certified Invisalign provider. A lifelong student, Dr. Mark regularly exceeds the Royal College’s mandatory continuing education requirements & is a member of several local & online study groups.

In his spare time Dr. Mark loves scuba diving & underwater photography. Dr. Mark enjoys spending time with his family & has recently been honing his culinary skills.

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