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Meet Dr. Russell Grover

Owner | Since 1985 | Hayden Street Location

Born & raised in Nova Scotia, Dr. Russell Grover attended Dalhousie Dental School. After graduating in 1978, Dr. Grover spent the next four years in West Germany serving the Canadian Armed Forces, where he was promoted to the rank of major & was awarded the Canadian Decoration for Outstanding Service.

In 1985 Dr. Grover decided to buy out an existing practice from a retiring dentist in Hamilton, & thus began his present practice, which has expanded over the past 35+ years from 800 patients to over 10,000 patients today.

Dr. Russell Grover is proud to have been creating smiles every day for more than 35 years. He has carried his vision of “No one will experience a toothache” to Africa & a clinic he opened in the Merendon mountains of Guatemala to care for the local villagers. It is Dr. Grover’s promise as a dedicated dentist “to keep creating smiles every day he practises dentistry & beyond.”

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