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Meet Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez

Since 2002 | Rymal Road Location

Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez joined Grover Dental Group in 2001 & over the years, our dental family has benefited from her enthusiasm for dentistry & her love of children.

Dr. Ana was born & educated in Mexico. She attended the University of Mexico, receiving her degree in Dentistry in 1982. After meeting her now husband, Dr. Ana relocated to Hamilton in 1985 & prepared for the National Dental Board Exam to receive her Ontario licence with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. During her preparation time, she stayed involved in the dental office as a clinical assistant & in 2000, successfully completed the exam & received her licence to practise.

As someone always interested in learning & growing, Dr. Ana continues her education in ways to benefit the children in the practice. Her most recent areas of study have been in conscious sedation & interceptive orthodontic care for children & Invisalign orthodontic technique for older teens & adults.

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