IV Sedation

For our patients who suffer from dental phobia, IV sedation is an alternative to the anxiety experienced in the dentist’s chair. It induces a state of deep relaxation, and your recollection of the experience will be very limited. During the sedation period though, you will be able to understand and respond to the Dentist’s requests.

IV sedation is not a painkiller, rather it is an anti-anxiety drug. Your gums will still need to be numbed, but the Dentist will wait until the sedation has taken effect, before starting any procedure.

We are extremely careful when administering IV sedation. It is carried out only under the supervision of a specifically trained dental specialist. It is a very safe drug however, pregnant women, and those with glaucoma should avoid its use. Cautions are given to those who suffer lung, kidney or liver malfunctions as well as those of advanced age, or those who deal with sleep apnea.