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Restorative Services

Restorative dentistry is the term dental professionals use to explain how they replace missing or damaged teeth. Fillings, crowns (“caps”), bridges and implants are common restorative options. The goal is to bring back your natural smile and prevent future oral health issues.

Why restorative dentistry procedures are important:

  • Filling empty spaces in the mouth helps keep teeth properly aligned
  • Replacing teeth makes it easier to maintain good oral care habits to help prevent plaque build-up and the problems plaque can lead to
  • Missing teeth can affect your health, appearance and self-esteem

Root Canal Treatment

Saving a tooth that is infected is ultimately the best outcome for this painful dental issue. Rather than pulling an infected tooth, our dentists much prefer seeing their patient retain their natural teeth because it prevents other dental issues from impacting their overall dental health. Root canal treatment can be done after any infection has been dealt with, and then usually in one appointment. Restoration of the tooth can then be done in follow-up treatments.


TMJ Appliances

The TMJ appliance is a soft intra-oral appliance developed to relieve the pain associated with your mandibular muscles. It helps to decompress the joint, limits teeth grinding and tongue movement. The device relieves pressure by decompressing inflamed joints and over a period of time will help decrease the pain. It should be used for at least one hour a day, plus overnight which sleeping. If you are experiencing muscle pain in your jaw, and the issues that come with jaw and joint pain, don’t hesitate to talk with us. We will assist you in finding the solution that will work for you.

There are no known contraindications, or side effects, with the use of nitrous oxide. It is not however, safe to use during the first trimester of pregnancy.


Onlays & Inlays

These methods of restoration are much the same however, they cover different parts of the tooth. The “inlay” fills in between the rounded edges of the tooth’s surface, while the “onlay” can cover the entire biting area of the tooth, and are sometimes used to remedy large cavities without the use of a crown. They are sometimes referred to as partial crowns.


Dental Restorative Services In Hamilton

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